Bookkeeper vs. Accountant

We’re not at war, I promise! Bookkeepers and accountants are not competing for the same work, their roles a very complementary to each other and both have an important role in your business. An accountant prepares your tax return at the end of the financial year. They view your business on a more holistic level, …

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Is your bookkeeper qualified?

Although I have been posting about bookkeepers in general, I wish to use this time to stress that there are ‘bookkeepers’ and then there are ‘qualified bookkeepers’. So what’s the difference?  ​Up until about a decade ago the financial services industry was largely unregulated. Bookkeeping itself required no qualification meaning anyone could do it, regardless …

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The benefits of a bookkeeper

When I say I’m a bookkeeper, most people think I’m a bookie and can offer some insider betting tips… ahh afraid not.  Although the terms are similar, the professions are poles apart, I assure you! So what does a bookkeeper do? A bookkeeper has an important role in the operation of a successful business by …

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