What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term referring to the online accessibility of computer programs and software. Anything that is ‘on the Cloud’ is accessible wherever you can access the internet. The data is run and stored on remote servers, rather than you having to go to the trouble of installing it on your personal hard drive.

Cloud accounting means software used to record your business’ financial information is now available in an online format.

Why Cloud Accounting?

Access your business’ financial data anywhere, anytime from any PC or mobile device.

Live bank feeds and easy to use reconciliation and invoicing tools means the financial position of your business stays up to date.

Reduced data entry means significantly cheaper bookkeeping fees.

Month to month subscription means you get access to software updates automatically, as they happen.

Multiple user accessibility.

Less unproductive downtime caused by IT maintenance, version upgrades and server failures.

Less dependence on IT support.

Innovative and useful ‘add on’ software options offer added scope and convenience.

Automatic back ups and
no more data files!

Beyond the Cloud

​You’ve transitioned your business onto the cloud. You’ve finally grasped the basics of Xero and now everyone keeps talking to you about ‘bank rules’ and software ‘add-ons’. It can feel like you’re back at square one again!

At Reed Accounts we offer a range of services to not only assist in transitioning your business to the cloud but also support your business once it’s up and running.

We can provide initial or additional Xero training, look through your account and help to streamline processes to make sure you’re using Xero as efficiently as possible. We can also assist you with information on specific integration software that will  be beneficial to you and your business.

Click here for more information on our Cloud Accounting Services.

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